Post-Hire Screening: Background Checks Process

Post-rent historical past exams are paving their manner to a brand new normal. A lot has been modified during the last year, with employers globally adopting faraway hiring. But the want for employee background check services shall stay and could be greater stringent than ever before.

Why is post-hire screening essential?

As per the 2020 PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) background screening survey, the top three reasons for conducting background checks are primarily the same as years before:

  • Protecting the safety of employees and customers (83%)
  • Improving the quality of hires (51%)
  • Mandated by law/regulations (40%)

From phasing out of ‘profits history’ inquiries to the prohibition of inquiring approximately crook histories (“Ban the Box” regulation), the history screening procedure has continuously been updating and progressing in each normal.

Pre-rent history tests had been the norm. But that handiest full-proofs the hiring of certified and sincere applicants. But is that enough? How to make sure the employer’s destiny and its workforce’s protection in opposition to any chance that turned into now no longer gift in the course of the hiring phase?

With shifts in laws, statutes, market, industry, and business, employers’ desires additionally change, escalating compliance requirements. In this case, an organization can’t chance to have even a minute liability, and you will higher be proactive than reactive.

Post-employment history tests make sure simply that even as fostering more secure surroundings and defensive your brand. Hence, many employers are becoming onboard with screening their personnel even in the course of employment and retaining a non-stop test to in addition their security.

With pre, post, and ongoing employment history tests, an organization guarantees that the humans they rent stay the fine applicants their employer wants.

How to structure post-employment screening?

While employers experience security, there are probabilities that personnel would possibly not. As a result, the post-lease screening can also additionally reason uneasiness or distrust. Hence, it’s miles of paramount significance to employers to streamline a manner that demonstrates honesty and transparency.

Therefore, an organization needs to set a sturdy post-lease history take a look at the coverage that complies with:

  • EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity) regulations to ensure a non-discriminatory, culture-agnostic screening program that does not hamper employee morale and prevent harassment
  • FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliance directs employers to seek consent at all times and before every screening; few states are eligible to seek evergreen consent from their employees to avoid any hassle
  • Data privacy and Security laws such that employees’ privacy is protected every step of the way

Adding to these compliances, a company must ensure that managers handling the screening program are both capable and qualified. They should be able to provide not just an effective process but also permeate trust among employees.

How can an employer keep up the morale of employees during post-hire background checks?

Here are some tips:

  1. Communicating Openly: Assuring personnel that rescreening is the simplest simple hygiene behavior for the business enterprise to make certain their statistics are up-to-date.
  2. Bringing a superb shift in perspective: Post-provide heritage assessments ensure that modifications in worker occasions are being accounted for as they circulate thru their careers. This technique will therefore guide their professional boom.
  3. Inculcating the spirit of community: Running compliant heritage assessments ensures a secure workspace for all at the same time as placing the business enterprise photo as genuine and well-compliant. As a result, you could liberate boom for the commercial enterprise and mitigate any danger of reputational damage.
  4. Defining a lifestyle of boom: Post-employment verification allows towards any capacity inner threats (along with information theft, information breaches, and bodily theft). It additionally encourages personnel to be obvious approximately modifications on occasions that can affect the commercial enterprise.

Final thoughts

While post-employment screening looks great on paper, it can seem complex to many employers. But Gone are the days when employee background checks were limited, limited, or complicated in one way or another.

Today, especially after the pandemic and the increase in concerts and remote working, many employers are exploring innovative and advanced background screening methods. Businesses are leveraging technology to embrace a compliant, transparent, and error-free deal, especially with the growth of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

This advance reduces selection times and costs for employers. It also helps improve the candidate experience and the efficiency of the processes where all employee data remains in the ATS, thus introducing additional encryption into the system. Whether you are adapting to remote working or using a hybrid model, maintaining a compliant and efficient context, the selection process will be crucial to running the business. The only constant changes, and it’s a smart decision to adapt to ion transit to cause disturbance rather than being interrupted. This article was originally published at Springworks Blog.

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