Why Employment Reference Checking Services Is Important

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So you’ve shortlisted the perfect candidate for the job. The qualifications are spot on, the financial rewards make them feel like a perfect match and they’re tempted to rush the hiring process but wait! Have you complied with the duty of care? and carry out a job reference check?

According to the PBSA, almost 93% of employers include national criminal database searches in their background screenings. But that doesn’t suffice!

It is important to conduct a reference check before hiring, which involves contacting the applicant’s references to confirm their educational background, work history, and other necessary information that is critical to the position being offered.

If you still feel that a thorough job reference check is just a waste of your time, we’ve put together some top reasons to convince you otherwise.

5 top reasons to perform employment reference checks in the selection process

1. Employees’ and customers’ protection

A 2020 PBSA survey found that 83% of employees considered reference checking primarily for the safety of the company’s employees and customers.

For example, consider this example. The summary of the case is that The Kirby Company hired an applicant without conducting a proper professional reference check (specifically noted during the hearing). Later, in 2013, female employees at the company filed a lawsuit in court alleging sexual assault and verbal abuse.

Thus, overlooking one aspect in hiring can affect the safety quotient of the entire organization.

2. Know your applicant

References help to exceed the employment review and to know the working style, performance, strengths, reviews, and more than another manager, experiencing a better judge when suitable for your organization.

3. Prevent negligent hiring lawsuit

As the name suggests, negligent hiring refers to an employer’s failure to investigate an employee before hiring them. If so, employers are responsible for what they know and should have known about the employee.

Courts have repeatedly emphasized the employer’s duty to exercise care in hiring, especially in workplaces that pose a threat to the public.

This classic case, in which the jury approved the $1,000,000 in favor of the aggrieved party, is an example and reiterates why the reference checking process is essential. Also, running these checks works in your favor in these cases.

4. Avoid losses

It may feel like you’re not spending money on background checks, but quite the opposite. Whether it’s negligent hiring processes or hiring the wrong person, you will lose a lot by following due diligence with our recommendation. Check service help. In addition, it creates a positive work environment that boosts everyone’s morale.

5. Avoid bad publicity

Barnum, a showman, and politician said, “There is no bad publicity.” This is not true in a corporate culture! Severe accidents can have a lasting impact on an organization. Your employees will be the face of your business. So, hire those you think are worthy of your brand.

What should employers know before conducting reference checks?

A CBS News report indicates that large organizations and advanced background check companies have spent more than $325 million over the past decade to resolve background check disputes. It is therefore essential to understand your obligations.

The law requires an employer to obtain permission from the applicant before performing basic verification, whether it is reviewing credit reports or speaking to a third party. Additionally, an employer must not discriminate against the candidate based on race, color, disability, nationality, gender, religion, genetic information, and age.

At SpringWorks, we have developed an online reference checking service called SpringVerify that simplifies the process and makes it a breeze. It gives you a complete report on the applicant by just adding their basic information, which takes less than a minute.

As expected from excellent reference check software, SpringVerify is:

  • Straightforward
    The software is super intuitive and can start the verification process in a couple of steps.
  • Transparent
    The software is secured by Blockchain technology that ensures your shared data is secured, always!
  • Blazing fast
    SpringVerify performs the check 30% faster than other competitors.

Are you ready to dig into those reference checks and take your organization to the next level with better hires?

This blog was originally published in SpringVerify Blog.



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